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Jiffy Orchid Biscuits


Young orchid plantlets are first established in Jiffy orchid biscuits encased in biodegradable netting. The plantlets are sandwiched between the dry biscuit segments, then wet down so that the coir expands around the roots. Labour savings are the main benefit of this easy operation followed by reduced water use during the hardening stage.


Jiffy CD


Orchid Disc


Available in two sizes to suit your pot of choice


The complete system…
The “Jiffy Coir Disc Orchid” is Jiffy’s newest addition of easy to use Coir Disks, specially made for the professional Orchid grower, simple to use, requires no extra potting equipment and eliminates handling of bulky substrates as additional benefits.
By utilizing the maximum fibre content of the substrate, the “Jiffy CD Orchid” will guarantee that the grower can always maintain the maximum structure stability and optimal air-water ratio needed for Orchids to perform at their best.
Through the RHP quality control mark, Jiffy guarantees the “Jiffy CD Orchid” to conform to the highest quality standard requirements within the horticultural industry. As an added benefit, “Jiffy CD Orchid” is made of 100% coconut husk chips, including coconut fibre and pithy tissues and is a renewable environmentally friendly material.



Jiffy CD - Orchid Discs and Biscuits
Item Code
Height Expanded
Orchid biscuit
1000 biscuits
Orchid Disc
304 discs
Orchid Disc
135 discs
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