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Two important words on Expansion of Jiffy-7C
... BOTTOM UP ...


To achieve 100% expansion of Jiffy‑7C the water must be applied from the bottom up, until 80-90% of the expansion has occurred. Then and only then, should a final spray for water from the top be applied.
This will prevent a hard layer forming at the base of the plug.
Our expandamatic in-line system is most efficient for higher volume, but for most nursery applications a simple workstation consisting of an expansion tank to expand your pellets while planting will suffice.For a fact sheet on Jiffy-7C expansion techniques visit our web site (under development) www.PropTec™.com.au or call your State Representative.



Jiffy-7C coco coir expansion suggestions
To get the best results, Jiffy-7C coco coir pellets should be expanded from the bottom up in a foot-bath with warm water. This should result in a quick and consistent expansion. For small pellets this would be sufficient. For larger pellets a light top spray with hot water could be added at the moment that the pellets have swollen to ½ – ¾ their size. If immediate planting in the fully expanded pellets is then required, a further light, top spray with cold water is recommended to cool the pellets down. Ideally, pellets should be expanded on the afternoon of the day before planting.


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