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Healthy, vigorous mother plants are essential for rooting success. Whether outside or in the greenhouse, moisture management and nutrition is made easier by using the Jiffy coir disc, Jiffy CD. With the optimal balance of fines and coarse coir chips, the structured stability remains for the entire life of the mother plants resulting in more rooted cuttings.








The Jiffy-7C is based on the proven Jiffy-7 principle of “container and media in one” giving the same logistical advantages. The Jiffy-7C product range is entirely made out of coir substrate providing the plant propagator a superior aerated rooting media. Stringent quality control guarantees that the physical and chemical properties of the coco substrate are just right to provide for an optimum rooting environment.
Available in a wide range of pellet and tray sizes, the Jiffy-7C propagation system is the preferred option for propagation under highly stressing conditions, or for those in search of a peat free propagation solution.











Jiffy-7C pellets can be provided with a transplanting hole to accommodate a smaller second plug, eliminating transplant shock and root damage. The plug keeps growing without interruption and will be ready for final transplant faster.
This is the ideal solution for long term or difficult crops where higher losses are expected. The economical 2035-231T tray can be configured full or alternate for the optimal density.
suit 10-12wk + crops









In many cases Tissue Culture plantlets are robust and fast enough for direct transfer into the final plug. Recommended for species that are ready for transplant in under 12-14 weeks.









Quality Assurance
Jiffy-7C is manufactured under stringent quality requirements and have been given the RHP certification meaning all substrate used in the production process undergoes strict cleaning and structural optimization standards that will make each Jiffy-7C pellet a stable and controlled environment for the propagation of all kinds of plants from seeds, cuttings or tissue







Pellet expansion advice



















Manufactured out of coco substrate derived from pithy tissues of coconut husk, the Jiffy Grow Block is a renewable, environmentally friendly substrate with no disposal issues. Combining this with the “adjustable degradable” netting makes Grow Block the only right choice for hydroponic or any other horticultural or nursery application.









By using Jiffy Grow Blocks and Jiffy CD, you have the complete system for starting your runners in a more controlled nursery environment before final planting into clean, low EC Jiffy CD’s.
  • low EC - RHP standard
  • no flushing
  • easy handling











Tissue Cultures are established in the 50mm pellet with pre-drilled 10mm hole in the 45 cell tray. The structure of coir combined with the optimal air / water ratio provides the ideal environment for rapid root establishment. We find the hydroponic nature of coir perfect for the all important moisture management needed for Gerbera young plants.
For the Gerbera grower the Jiffy CD Gerbera disc completes the system. This treated and buffered coir removes the risk of excessive salts and fluctuating PH which results when cheaper untreated coir is used. Your high investment in young gerbera plants deserves the best start possible.










Jiffy Orchid Biscuits





Orchid Disc

Available in two sizes to suit your pot of choice

















Many growers who propagate their own cuttings find the Jiffy-7C an ideal solution just for their ease of use. For many growers this sideline process is added complexity not central to cut flower production. The Jiffy-7C provides the peace of mind of knowing that come transplant time they are ready to go with no crumbling of the plug due to lack of roots.














This jumbo sized pellet was specifically designed for grape wine propagation. The coir based pellet in a 32 cell tray offers superior air/ water ration when compared to the original peat based Jiffy-7C.







Jiffy-7C plant plugs can be provided with a transplanting hole to accommodate a smaller second plant plug, eliminating transplant shock and root damage. The plug basically keeps growing without interruption and will be ready for final transplant faster.







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