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+ Block Peat
Peat Based potting mixes!


The past 12 months has seen a rapid escalation of prices of pine bark based mixes. There are several reasons why and may continue to do so.
  • Higher Transport cost
  • Competition from energy companies
  • Less bark leaving forests due to mechanized harvesting
From a cost point of view:
Terracult block peat is now a real alternative for most covered crops, especially for growers who blend their own mixes.
An added advantage for large hangers and pots is, the lightweight nature of peat mixes makes for easier handling.
+ Block Peat Based Substrates
Terracult Blue - Substrates


Comes with PH adjusted and with added fertilizers ready to use directly into plug trays with or with out added perlite. Various grade block peat is specially blended for specific types of crops. Select the substrate to suit the length of time to finish your crops.
Our substrate line terracult blue stands for high-quality peat substrates. In the overview, you are able to view a few of our standard substrate mixtures that cover many areas of plant production.


You may wish to visit Terracult website for more information on this product.


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