Nutri-Tech Solutions

NTS are the world leaders in sustainable farming. The company has developed over 300 products applicable to a huge range of diverse crops.

The NTS range combines cutting-edge technology with proven biological 'essentials'. NTS currently offer over 50 ACO Certified products for organic agriculture. The uniquely formulated NTS foliar fertiliser range complements an emphasis on soil life stimulation, which includes composted fertilisers, microbial inoculums and powerhouse bio-promotants.

The NTS range of microbial products and fertilisers are used extensively in our TopMix custom blends and Ellepot substrates. We proudly sell these soil building products.

Life-Force Gold Pellets


A 'fusion fertiliser' covering all bases.

A nutrient-rich fertiliser and soil conditioner with diverse & active microbes. NTS have developed a complete fertiliser covering every aspect of plant and soil nutrition.

Life Force® Gold™ Pellets are the bridge between conventional agriculture and organics, literally containing the best of both worlds. This agronomically balanced fertiliser epitomises the NTS approach toward high yielding agriculture. Regenerative farming is the key to maximum production and crop quality which builds soil fertility while feeding both the soil biology and the plant.

Nutri-Life Tricho-Shield

Beneficial fungi to improve the balance between desired and undesirable microorganisms on the leaf surface and in the soil.

Tricho-Shield™ is a talc-based formulation containing the beneficial fungal species
Trichoderma harzianum, Trichoderma lignorum and Trichoderma koningii, which promote plant and root growth.

Nutri-Life Platform


Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Fungi (AMF) (4 species) now blended with a broader range of complementary species including Trichoderma and beneficial bacteria.

Nutri-Life Myco-Force

Naturally improve health and quality of soil by repopulating
with naturally occurring, beneficial fungal species.

Myco-Force™ is a talc-based formulation containing the beneficial fungal species
Beauveria bassiana, Metarhizium anisopliae, and Lecanicillium lecanii.

Nutri-Life Root-Guard

A blend of beneficial fungi designed to improve the ratio of
desirable to undesirable organisms in the root zone.

Root-Guard™ is a talc-based formulation containing the following naturally occurring
fungal species: Arthrobotrys conoides, Purpureocillium lilacinus and Pochonia