Pioneer Pots

Pioneer Pot Makes The Difference.

The Pioneer Pot deep mesh growing pot allows room for strong taproot development.

Absorbing roots grow unimpeded from the tap root out through the mesh where they are air pruned to prevent circling and girdling. Drainage is spectacular and eliminates soggy root zones. Good root structure adds value to your end product.

Ellepot Trays

Customised Ellepot propagation trays.

For more than 15 years, Blackmore propagation trays have been an essential component in the Ellepot System.

Blackmores knowledge and experience in developing propagation trays, gained from working in close collaboration with Ellepot customers around the world, have resulted in the current range.

Air Trays

Designed for Ellepots Ellepot Air Trays support the Ellepots in the plants early stages and stops them drying out too fast.

The Air trays are designed to provide young plants with optimal air circulation, drainage and create the best possible conditions for great air pruning of the root system.

Grower benefits

• Ideal for fruit trees, nuts, landscape shrubs & trees
• Prevents circling and girdling of roots
• Root pruning
• Reduces root defects
• Promotes Wet /Dry cycles

Proptek Trays

Proptek Air Tray System Proptek sleeve and tray systems, new to Australia, are even more popular as growers overseas realise the very significant time and cost savings they provide.

Growers are turning from ‘loose fill’ to the Ellepot/Proptek system rapidly to avoid spiralling labour costs.

Grower benefits

• Better quality roots - better quality plants
• Labour efficient through automation
• Cost effective - less soil than loose fill
• Exceptional growing environment
• Easy to ship

Loose Fill Trays

A range of the most economical trays in the popular sizes.