ProptekTray-8ct 100mm 165mm Deep Global Tray

8ct Nesting Global tray. Used for 100mm x 165mm Ellepots.

New for 2022, this 8 cell Air Tray holds 8 individual 100mm diameter Ellepots, and complements the other Air Trays that Proptek has introduced over the last couple of years. This propagation container has been designed to provide a solution for many types of fruit tree propagation, and is ideally suited to replace the 165mm Pot for landscape tree and woody ornamental propagation. Using Ellepots in this long lasting Air Tray will also help to vastly reduce plastic waste. And because the containers nest so well, this really helps to keep global shipping costs to a minimum.

The optimum height Ellepot for this container is 165 mm, although Ellepots taller than this can be used if required.

Dimensions: 267mm x 533mm x 203mm.
Plant Density: 56 per sq.m.

Min Sales Order Qty 160.00
Multiple Sales Order Qty 160.00
Units Per Pallet 160.00
Brand Proptek
Type Air-Tray
Format Inject Mould
Material Polypropylene
Plug Diameter 100.00
Cell Count 8
Plug Depth 165.00
Plug Volume 1295.00