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Premade Trays

Plants in Jumbos

Where is your propagation process costing you?

Plant Performance

Poor strike rate

High shrinkage

Poor root structure

Slow growth

Production Inefficiency

Cumbersome procedures

Inefficient handling

Low mechanisation

Excess space requirements


Excess resource consumtion

High plastic waste

Act now to avoid the hassles 

Affordable Pricing

Option to buy loose in cartons or preloaded into trays. Manufactured in Australia

Custom Made

Made with your choice of paper and substrate in a tray to suit your bench space.

Sustainable Solution

Ellepot inputs are biodegradable and the trays recyclable. Our larger Ellepots replace plastic planter bags and pots.

We know what it feels like when Shrinkage gets out of hand.

Your losses could be higher than they should be!
Reduce shrinkage and improve sustainability with Ellepots.
We have compiled an article that will give you a few pointers
on where to start to improve your shringage rates.

Your free copy of "Six areas you can reduce Shrinkage"


The Ellepot System is a unique propagation system suitable for propagation of cuttings and seeds for young plants, potted plants, cut flowers, nursery stock, forest plants and vegetables.

The Ellepot Propagation System is your key to ensuring optimal propagation and production. Over the years we have updated the system with the latest innovations to optimize efficiency and cost- effective production. With our system you can produce Ellepots and enjoy value-adding benefits throughout your value chain.





Best New Product Award for Organic 2 Paper

Best New Product Award 2021

Ellepot was represented at the Green Expo by the team from Proptec, Ellepot’s partner in Australia, and Ellepot Regional Sales Manager Darran Stone. Brad Skinner, Managing Director of Proptec (pictured right), and Darran Stone (pictured left) were on hand to receive the award.

Growers Just Love Them

  1. Use fewer crop inputs, such as. 
    Plant cuttings
    Plug trays
    Growing media
    Fertilizer and Water
  2. Less plastic waste to landfill.
  3. Ellepot paper degrades and we have an organic option.
  4. Ellepots are made of peat and coir blends and also an organic option.

Over 70 million Ellepots have sold to Australian nurseries.


We have been using the Ellepots for around 5 years now.  Initially it was just for propagation and our smaller cuttings.  We now use the jumbo sizes to step up rooted cuttings in Ellepots.

We use all sizes – from the 209 trays right up to the Jumbos.

We have found that the Ellepots allow us to produce our plants not only faster but at a higher quality than in traditional potting or propagation medium.

We have found the service and communication from Proptec to be outstanding.

We highly recommend the Ellepots to any nursery.  It has been an invigorating and enlightening product for us!!!

Beth Gordon

The plan to grow smarter


Prefilled or loose

Receive prefilled trays


Loose pots to refill your trays



Size your tray

and configure your plug to suit the crop


Improve your shrink

Benefit financially

It may take several trials to settle on the right Ellepot configuration.

This is where we can help you choose the correct paper and media for your crop cycle

Ellepots can be purchased by the cartons, pallets and Visobins. Corpacks are available for a sustainable option.

 Ellepots grown in AIR-Trays have better root structures with no wrapping.

Reduced shrink and 20 – 30 % faster growth rates will reduce your bench space requirements.

Product Range

Loose Plugs & Ellebags

Custom, made to order Ellepots, Supplied in cartons


Prefilled Trays

Ellepots preloaded into your choice of tray

Ellepot Paper

Ellepot papers are degradable and made from all-natural and renewable raw materials.

Ellepot Semi-Automatic

Stand alone Ellepot machine with one or two pipes


Ellepot Automatic & Integrated lines

Ellepot one or two pipe machine with auto tray fillers.


Nursery Machinery & Equipment

Soil Mixers
Tray Handling


Will the roots grow through the paper?
Yes, Ellepot paper is made from wood fibres sourced from FSC certified forests. The paper begins to degrade when exposed to moist substrates thus allowing the roots to easily penetrate the paper when grown in the correct trays. If the Ellepot is in a standard plug tray, there could be tight contact with the cell wall and the roots may not penetrate the paper.
Why do the roots wrap around the base of the plug?
If the Ellepot is not placed in the correct trays such as our patented Air-Trays there is a high probability there will not be enough air circulating around the pot to air prune the roots causing root wrapping.
Which is the best media to fill the Ellepot?
We always use high quality block peat and low EC coir along with perlite. Recently we have begun to trial the use of wood fibres to maintain the air-filled porosity of the substrate when perlite is reduced.  Zeolite is added to improve the nutrient uptake of the plants.
Can I have a special mix in my Ellepot?
We have a wide range of TopMix substrates of varying compositions for any crop.
Can I use Ellepots for Organic Production?
Our TopMix range of substrates has an organic blend using organic certified fertilisers. When combined with Ellepots Organic 2 paper it will meet organic standard. Certification is being applied for. Organic paper is suited to faster growing vegetable and herb crops.