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Stand Alone Equipment

Tray Fork Attachment

When used in combination with production and/or shipping Buffer Belt Systems, Tray Forks can dramatically reduce a grower’s total labour used for material handling. Tray Forks are engineered to fit on traditional forklifts.

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Blackmore Dribbler-Manual

The manual drill has interchangeable drill plates available seperately for any tray size. Substrate is reclaimed for reuse. Normally used seperate to the Ellepot production line.

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This model has powered conveyor for integrating into the step up line following Ellepot production and tray filling.

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Top Coater/Filler

The Blackmore top coater is a self contained machine ideal for covering seeds in plug trays or directly sown flats.

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Tray Filler

This tray filler features the best plug tray, flat, pot carrier and basket filling machine you can buy.

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Stand alone or will run in line with Blackmore seeder or Ellepot line. Designed so water bars are easily changed and resistant to corrosion for long life.

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Ellepot Manual Drill

Manual tray feed , drilling and removal. Manual cleaning and reuse of substrate.



Ellepot Auto Drill

Drill unit for integration into step up line.



Spare Parts

We carry a selection of consumables and common spare parts for semi-automatic Ellepot machines. If we do not have in stock, any parts you need will be couriered in direct from Denmark. Usually allow a 2-3 week delivery.


Can-Duit Seeder

Economical hand seeder includes vacuum pump and foot control. Various needle sizes available


Drum Seeder

Designed to run inline with Perfection Tray Filler and WaterAll. Four option cylinder heads make for easy seed changes.

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Microgreen Sower

Sows seed sizes from arugula to sunflower. Automatic seed feeder into seed hopper. Option for vermiculite topper

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Turbo Needle Seeder

One of the most dependable seeders on the market. Accurate and flexible sowing 3 different seeds per cell and up to 9 seeds per cell.

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Ellepot Accessories

Row Drill Unit

This drill units is easy to incorporate and control and can be build in on conveyor. It is a strong construction with selfcleaning/re-use substrate.

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Dibble Unit

Build onto Multiflex or Tray Filler conveyor

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Irrigation Unit

Water dispenser for Multiflex and Tray Filler conveyor.

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Vermiculite Cover Unit

Dispenser for Multiflex and Tray Filler conveyors

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Ellepot Needle Seeder

Needle seeder for mounting on Multiflex and Tray Filler conveyors

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Air Tray Cleaner

Attachment for Multiflex and Tray Filler to clean substrate from trays to maintain air gaps

Tray Destack DC-10

Destacks trays onto Multiflex and Tray Filler conveyors. Suits any tray up to 540mm x 315mm

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Tray Destacker 701

Destacker for injection moulded trays for Multiflex and Tray Filler conveyors

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Air Dryer

Dryer for compressed air line

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Powered Conveyors

This conveyor belt is made with heavy construction, water resistant, sensors for start/stop and adjustable height. Made to custom lengths.

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Roller Conveyor

Roller conveyor for feed off Multiflex and Tray Filler conveyors. Can be fitted with an end stop sensor.

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Conveyor End Stop

Shuts machines down when conveyor is full

Ellepot Kitsets

H-111 Kitset

Single pipe tool kitset for H111. 15-50mm diameter

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H-112 Kitset

Two pipe tool kit set for H112. 15-50mm diameter.

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H-211 Kitset

Single pipe too kitset for H211. 50-80mm diameter

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H-212 Kitset

Two pipe too kitset for H212. 50-80mm diameter

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H-301 Kitset

Single pipe tool kitset for H301. 80-120mm diameter

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Multiflex Kitset

Single head kitset for Multiflex 15-50mm diameter.

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Turbo Multiflex Kitset

Dual head Multiflex kitset. 20-50mm diameter

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Ellebag EB-01 Kitset

Kitset for Ellebag machine

Media Handling

Bulk Bag Lifter

Arms for lifting one cubic metre bags

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Peat Bunker DEM 560

Capacity 560 litres. Elevator length 3 metres

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Peatbunker Extension

Adds 750 litres to standard peatbunker

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Substrate Mixer MC1100

One cubic metre peat mixer

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