Nursery automation

Machinery for nursery automation.

Equipment that works to give you back your time.



Time Saving


Cost effective


Latest Trends




Integrated & Processed

Into one line

You started small and business has grown

Inefficiencies are creeping in and you want to leverage what you have learned with mechanisation.

Most nursery people experience this at sometime.

We have equipment developed to combine the time consuming tasks of media preparation, filling, seeding or sticking and more.

Your productivity will be up and stress levels down!

You can transform your business


You can opt for simple or fully Automated, integrated equipment to reduce tasks and movements.

We have a machine for your level of production.


You’re plan for transformation can draw upon our experience and Ellepots' knowledge of world trends.

Back up

Your production cannot stop.

So you can rely on getting the parts and consumables you need and experienced technicians to keep you going.

It can be confusing, deciding on the machine you need.

Custom designs are developed to meet your needs.

Crop type, production capacity, size and flexibility are taken into account to determine the suitable machine for you.

Plan now for the future

Step One

Where are you heading?

We'll identify the solution for discussion.

Step Two

What will it cost?

You’ll receive a machine layout and quote.

Step Three

Plan implementation

You can plan around manufacture and transport lead times.

At Proptec, we know our customers adopt the latest ideas and want to be recognized.

That will involve modernizing processes which leads to deciding what technology will best suit your business.

We can guide you with the experience gained by Ellepot world wide.

By taking the simple steps of identifying where you want to be, knowing your options and the time to implement, you can avoid being left behind and become an industry leader.

What’s your production level?

A machine for any budget.

Ellepot Semi-Automatic

Stand alone Ellepot machine with one or two pipes


Ellepot Automatic & Integrated lines

Ellepot one or two pipe machine with auto tray fillers.



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Tray Handling

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