Nursery Machinery & Equipment 

Stand Alone Equipment

Tray Fork Attachment

When used in combination with production and/or shipping Buffer Belt Systems, Tray Forks can dramatically reduce a grower’s total labour used for material handling. Tray Forks are engineered to fit on traditional forklifts.

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Blackmore Dribbler-Manual

The manual drill has interchangeable drill plates available seperately for any tray size. Substrate is reclaimed for reuse. Normally used seperate to the Ellepot production line.

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This model has powered conveyor for integrating into the step up line following Ellepot production and tray filling.

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Top Coater/Filler

The Blackmore top coater is a self contained machine ideal for covering seeds in plug trays or directly sown flats.

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Tray Filler

This tray filler features the best plug tray, flat, pot carrier and basket filling machine you can buy.

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Stand alone or will run in line with Blackmore seeder or Ellepot line. Designed so water bars are easily changed and resistant to corrosion for long life.

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Ellepot Manual Drill

Manual tray feed , drilling and removal. Manual cleaning and reuse of substrate.



Ellepot Auto Drill

Drill unit for integration into step up line.