Terrafibre Microgreen Mats

Using the fibrous byproduct of the industrial hemp plant, we have created Terrafibre™ Grow Mats. Terrafibre™ Grow Mats are ideal for microgreens, sprouts, wheatgrass and other short rotation crops. Industrial hemp fibres are separated, cleaned and needle punched to produce a 100% biodegradable soilless growing medium.

Fibres are separated through a decortication process without the use of any chemicals, and our needle punching technique creates a light texture for roots to easily grow through.

This is one of the microgreen mats with hemp fibres have high water retention, keeping seeds wet through germination. All of the hemp used is grown, processed, and manufactured in Canada.


Microgreen Mats


Frequently Asked Questions

What are Terrafibre Grow Mats made of?

The primary material in our grow mats is an industrial, Canadian-grown hemp fibre.

How are the hemp fibres processed?

The hemp fibres undergo a decortication process where they are separated without using any chemicals. Once separated, cleaning and needle-punching are the following processes to create a light texture for roots to grow through quickly. They provide a soilless growing medium for microgreens.

What is the difference between Terrafibre Grow Mats and other ordinary microgreen mats on the market?

First, the hemp used for Terrafibre Grow Mats is grown, processed, and manufactured in Canada. Second, the hemp is needle-punched to create a light texture for roots to grow while maintaining high water retention. Third, our grow mats are 100% biodegradable and compostable.

Why are Terrafibre Grow Mats suitable for microgreens?

The high water retention of hemp fibre ensures that seeds stay wet through germination, and the light texture of the grow mats allows for easy root growth.

How long do Terrafibre Grow Mats last?

Ideally, Terrafibre Grow Mats are for one-time use, but you can choose to reuse them, although not recommended, as it would require a lot of time and effort. You will need to dry, pull the roots, and sterilise them. 

What is the shelf life of  Terrafibre Grow Mats?

If stored correctly, these grow mats can have a 12-month shelf life.