Proptek Tray-96ct 35mm 90mm Deep

Rigid long life tray for 35mm Ellepots.

Holds 96 x 35mm diameter Ellepots.
The optimum Ellepot height for this container is 93mm.
A perfect container system for forestry, landscape tree and shrub propagation.

Dimensions: 000mm x 000mm x000mm.
Plant Density: 000 per sq.m.

Min Sales Order Qty 210.00
Multiple Sales Order Qty 210.00
Units Per Pallet 210.00
Qty Per Carton 8.00
Brand Proptek
Type Air-Tray
Format Inject Mould
Material Polypropylene
Plug Diameter 35.00
Cell Count 96
Plug Depth 90.00
Plug Volume 87.00